Projects for B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD theses

New topics for bachelor, diploma and master theses:

Since there is a wide field of research topics in the field of experimental particle physics we always offer a broad spectrum of different highly-interesting thesis topics. This comprises everything from hardware topics, all kinds of programming projects as well as physics analyses using machine learning. Therefore be assured that we will be able to find a suitable thesis project taking your preferences into account.

Some current topics for bachelor and master theses

Please see the following flyers:


  • In order to work on specific topics, do I need special knowledge or additional capabilities which are beyond those acquired during the course of my studies?
    No. Basically, we only expect knowledge which is usually acquired during the regular course of studies. On this basis you will obtain any necessary special knowledge while you work on your thesis project.
  • How sure am I, that I'll complete my thesis in a reasonable time?
    Very certain. We are paying great attention to design all theses projects in such a way that the projects can be successfully completed within the required time.
  • Is the initally issued topic strictly binding?
    No. In case, if after some -- of course not too long -- time we'll notice that more interesting results may be obtained with a somewhat different topic or that a different topic matches your capabilities better, it is still possible to adjust the thesis topic.

Ph.D. theses:

There is currently an opening to work on ATLAS top physics, see details at

https://inspirehep.net/jobs/2007449.(deadline for application January 24th).


Are you interested in a Ph.D. thesis with our working group?

We will be pleased to invite you for a first contact and further information.

Are you interested? Please direct your inquiries to:

Prof. Dr. Markus Cristinziani
Room EN-A 102,  Tel. +49-271-740 3629
E-Mail: Markus Cristinziani

Prof. Dr. Ivor Fleck
Room EN-A 109,  Tel. +49-271-740 3628
E-Mail: Ivor Fleck

Prof. Dr. Markus Risse
Room EN-A 105,  Tel. +49-271-740 3789
E-Mail: Markus Risse

For a some examples of completed theses please refer to the publications section.