ship experiment layout
Overview of the SHiP experiment at CERN

Our working group is member of the SHiP collaboration. Please check this link for the offical SHiP web page.

Investigating the so called intensity frontier in the search for particles beyond the standard model, SHiP is a general-purpose fixed-target experiment at the beam dump facility at CERN SPS. A 400 GeV/c proton beam, extracted from SPS, will be dumped on a thick target, aiming at collecting 2 x 1020 protons on target in five years.

Fields of activity of the Siegen working group:

  • Detector optimization and physics studies in the FairShip software framework.

  • Measurement of the differential charm production cross section on a thick target with the SHiP-charm experiment.

  • Track reconstruction and matching of tracklets in different detector technologies.